Introducing Everything DiSC Workplace®

Everything DiSC Workplace® can be used with everyone in an organization, regardless of title or role, to improve the quality of the workplace.

Everything DiSC Workplace is classroom training that uses online pre-work, engaging facilitation with contemporary video, and online follow-up to create a personalized learning experience.  Participants understand and appreciate the styles of the people they work with. The result is more effective and productive working relationships.

Everything DiSC Workplace focuses on:

  • Discovering Your DiSC Style
  • Understanding Other Styles
  • Building More Effective Relationships
  • Includes Optional People-Reading Module

Make the program work for you

Everything DiSC Workplace is the most in-depth, easily customizable DiSC-based workplace-development solution available. Workplace-specific, personalized content creates an in-depth learning experience. Modular design and online tailoring features allow you to design a customized program that’s right for your organization.

Delivery Options

The longer two-day presentation skills workshop ensures that participants have the tools they need to successfully design and deliver engaging presentations. They will also have opportunities to practice and receive on the spot coaching on these techniques in several shorter-format presentations and speaking activities during the workshop.
One of the important features of the two-day workshop is its high level of interactivity. All of the techniques and strategies introduced in the two-day session are shared and discussed among the learners rather than delivered primarily through lecture.

All workshop options deliver learning outcomes and business value. In as little as a half day, participants will gain tools to create a presentation, develop practical delivery skills, and practice giving a short presentation. The one-day or two-day sessions will enable participants to develop and practice their presentation skills in greater depth. And regardless of which workshop format you choose, participants will leave with an action plan to ensure the presentation strategies and techniques get put into practice right away.